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My Pictures #1


Last year I went to Korea and near the hotel I was staying there was this statue. It's actually by the train/subway station that I always got off at. I don't really know why but I really loved the statue. It's just really interesting to look at. The first time I saw it I was in awe lol.

Mammoth Coffee

About a block from where I stayed was this coffee stand. I'm pretty sure it's a chain... The reason it's called Mammoth Coffe is because the coffee is gigantic. I got a blue lemonade drink from them and it was HUGE but really delicious. I got one on my last day because I really liked it. Their signature coffee was also really amazing but it had like five shots in it lol.

I really miss my time in Korea. I was supposed to stay for about three months but had to cut it down to three weeks. I hope the next time I go I can stay longer. I went in the fall and the weather was so nice. I really had a great time. 
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