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16 February 2016 @ 10:51 pm
What do I even put here.  
I dont like it being blank lol.

My name is Macaria, I am 21, I live in Austin, TX.
I have three cats and a dog.
My oldest kitty is honey, she's a princess and rightfully so. I got her when I was ten and she's been my kitty bff ever since. she's a gorgous kitty who is caramel colored.
Jaspe is second oldest, she's a very musucalr, tiny kitty who is always glaring. she was named for a type of fabric made in Guatemala. Her full name is techinally "Jaspe Mario" for my dad since we found her a month after he had passed away and he reminds my mom of him a lot. she's a boxer just like he was.
Then there is Sam. He is a big ol love ball and loves cuddles. He's a big baby who needs constant love and attention or he'll start crying.
Last, is Ellie our bichon frise. She is very sassy and energetic lol. she likes to run a lot. sometimes she runs away and we have to get in the car to lure her back in. still, before she came to us her life wasn't very good so it's fine. she can get away with a lot now lol.

That is my happy little animal kingdom.

small update: we tried to adopt three other dogs in the past but sadly they didn't work out. one was to fiesty with our cats while the other two were sadly biters :( 
wowzakoushiba on March 31st, 2016 02:49 am (UTC)
wow I butchered muscular*