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26 October 2010 @ 09:41 am
The One Group That I never Thought I Would Like and The Girl Who Made Me Love Them (Part 1)  

The Girl Who Helped Me Realize That I Loved Them:

HyoYeon is one of the prettiest girls out there in my eye :D and not only can she dance but every time I see her on a show I always laugh! I didn't really like SNSD that much I was a fan of their music and I liked the members but I wasn't at the point were I could call myself a Sone. Now I can though I got really excited for their new song 'hoot' and I can't wait to see them on Music Bank!
I started out watching Hyoyeon fancams and then I watched her on some shows with the other girls and thought they seemed like perfectly fine people I didn't really get the hate. I joined Soshified and read a lot of their posts and I really became a Sone after reading about their dedication to SNSD and their love for the 9 girls ^^
My second favorites would have to be Sooyoung & Sunny <3
They're both extremely cute and beautiful!

This might be a recurring theme were I talk about each group that I love and how i came to love them and why ^^